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Sending Mails to Airlines About Compensation but Not Getting Any Reply Posted on August, 25 2017 by

Claiming Compensation can be quite a problem as experienced recently by a British Airways (BA) passenger named Evie from Glasgow. The passenger, who was scheduled to fly during the bank holi..
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Passengers Lose Out on Millions Due to Lack of Awareness of Flight Delay Compensation Posted on August, 18 2017 by

According to a new report, it has been estimated that over a million flyers from the UK may be owed around £360 each as Compensation for Flight Delays or cancellations. A new study on the s..
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Get Payback If You Have a Hellish Holiday Due to Your Chosen Airline Posted on August, 11 2017 by

So, you’ve decided to go on a vacation. Well, that often involves booking flight tickets. But, like a lot of things, air travel is plagued with a range of problems which can affect you. Du..
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Flights Delays and European Rules Posted on August, 4 2017 by

If you’re a flyer who isn’t from the European Union, there’s a good chance that you’re wondering about Flight Delay Compensation works here. If you are, we’ll cut to the chase and ..
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