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Things to Do When Your Flight Gets Delayed Posted on December, 28 2017 by

Flight delays have become more common than ever and we can complain about them all we want, but until real solutions are found, there is nothing we can do about it, apart from claiming compe..
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Security Breach Delays Passengers Posted on December, 21 2017 by

Passengers on an EasyJet flight that arrived at Manchester Airport were left fuming with anger after they were accidentally led to departures instead of arrivals, which is led to an extraord..
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Runway Crash Causes Delay Posted on December, 14 2017 by

Glasgow Airport saw flights being grounded after a British Airways aircraft collided with a vehicle on the runway. The crash had resulted in a delay that lasted for two hours. A similar inci..
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How Pilots Make-Up for Delays Posted on December, 7 2017 by

It’s become quite common for passengers to have their travel plans completely ruined all of a sudden. Most of the time reason for flight delays being very common. However, there are those ..
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