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This is How Climate Change is Affecting Your Flights Posted on February, 28 2018 by

The effects of climate change on air travel are real Climate change is a pressing problem facing humanity today. The effects of various human activities are clearly seen in the rising global..
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RyanAir to Speed Up Compensation Claim Processing Posted on February, 21 2018 by

Popular European air carrier RyanAir recently announced that it would be speeding up the processing of compensation claims for delayed and cancelled flights. According to Kenny Jacobs, the c..
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No Compensation for Bird Strike Related Delays Posted on February, 14 2018 by

European Court of Justice’s ruling We all wish for a safe and timely arrival while flying. But it’s not always the case. Flight delays are a common problem faced by passengers th..
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Google’s Flights App Will Predict Delays Accurately Posted on February, 7 2018 by

Google recently made an announcement that it would be updating its Google Flights service with an AI/Machine Learning program to predict flight delays with greater accuracy. The company anno..
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