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System Failure Causes Delays Across Europe Posted on April, 28 2018 by

Flight delays plagued Europe once again earlier this week, thanks to a computer glitch at the Eurocontrol centre in Brussels, Belgium.   The organisation, which is in charge of managing..
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RyanAir Wins Compensation Case Posted on April, 21 2018 by

A claim made by solicitors against air carrier RyanAir, concerning flight delay compensation, has been rejected by a high court judge.   The solicitors, who are employed by a law firm i..
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Bailiffs Land at Airline Offices Over Compensation Issues Posted on April, 14 2018 by

In a recent trend, bailiffs are being sent over to the houses of various airline offices to attend to matters concerning the payment of flight delay compensation.   It is believed that ..
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£4 Million in Compensation Left Pending Posted on April, 7 2018 by

Holidaymakers from Britain who’ve sent in claims for flight delay compensations will be forced to wait much longer than expected.   If reports from a recent investigation are to be be..
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