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UK Poised to Have Better Compensation Rules After Brexit Posted on May, 22 2018 by

According to a new UK Government report, passengers flying from the UK may get to enjoy better flight cancellation and delay compensation after Brexit.   Brussels is considering bringin..
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Compensation Applicable to Wildcat Strikes Posted on May, 15 2018 by

According to a new court ruling, it will now be possible for passengers to claim compensation for delays and cancellations caused by wildcat strikes. “Wildcat” strikes are sudden strikes..
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British Airways Refuses to Be Accountable for Flight Delay Posted on May, 8 2018 by

According to a query sent posted in the Guardian’s “Consumer Affairs with Anna Tims” section, it is believed that British Airways is outright denying its role in a flight delay.  ..
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Aer Lingus Rejects Compensation Claim; Cites Extraordinary Circumstances Posted on May, 1 2018 by

If you’re flying to and from anywhere in the European Union, you are protected by EU 261. EU 261 is a regulation that offers protection to air travelers, who have been affected by delays a..
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