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RyanAir Boss Gets Called Out for Hypocrisy Posted on July, 20 2018 by

Kenny Jacobs, RyanAir’s CMO (Chief Marketing Officer), got himself in some hot soup recently after posting on social media about his flight to Dublin being delayed for over 2 hours. In his..
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Passengers Eligible for Compensations on Missed Connections Outside the EU Posted on July, 19 2018 by

According to new flight compensation rules established by the EU, passengers who are affected by delays in a connecting flight outside of the EU will be eligible for flight delay compensatio..
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Expect Delays to Grow in the Future – Eurocontrol Report Warns Posted on July, 17 2018 by

European flights that undergo delays longer than two hours will end up affecting more passengers than they do today by 2040; 9 times more passengers to be more specific, according to a recen..
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EasyJet Delay Ruins Man’s Expensive Birthday Posted on July, 16 2018 by

One passenger’s birthday celebrations went bust after his EasyJet flight got canceled at the last minute after an initial delay of two hours. It is believed that the delay and the subseque..
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The UK Airports with the Worst Delays Posted on July, 6 2018 by

A new study has revealed a list of UK airports that suffer from the worst delays. The study, which was conducted by the Press Association, was carried out based on the data provided by the C..
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Fans Eager to Watch the Champions League Left Heartbroken Due to Delay Posted on July, 4 2018 by

A group of serious Liverpool fans had to deal with disappointment last week after their planned trip to the Champions League went down the drain, thanks to travel chaos. To make things worse..
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French ATC Strikes Cause Delays Posted on July, 2 2018 by

The recent strikes organized by ATC staff in France led to the cancelation of around 500 flights while delaying several others. Flights connecting Italy, Spain and the UK were some of the wo..
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