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UK’s Busiest Airports Cost Business Passengers £500m Due to Delays/Cancellations Posted on January, 24 2019 by

The average flyer at a UK airport loses a lot of time and money, thanks to Flight Delay Refunds. This isn’t exactly news. However, the greatest “loser” in these situations may not be t..
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RyanAir is the Worst for Disruptive Passengers Posted on January, 18 2019 by

There are several reasons why a flight might get delayed or diverted. Typically, the list of reasons includes technical errors, a glitch in the computer system, ATC strikes, or uncontrollabl..
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BA Fails to Compensate Passenger Posted on January, 14 2019 by

Akin Olagbaiye, a passenger scheduled to fly by British Airways, was waiting to get back home after a holiday with his partner in Rome when he found himself waiting at the airport around 3 h..
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RyanAir’s Spain Crew May Go on Strike in January Posted on January, 11 2019 by

Passengers travelling from and to Spain will be dealing with travel disruptions this month as the carrier’s cabin crew in Spain has called for repeated 24-hour strikes. The first strikes a..
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