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You Can Claim Compensation for This Odd Reason Posted on February, 25 2019 by

For most fliers, the wait to get to the in-flight toilet can seem like an eternity. Imagine being in a rush and having to go through long waiting periods? Well, that sounds bad. But things c..
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Strikes Do Not Always Fall Under “Extraordinary Circumstances” Posted on February, 24 2019 by

  The Federal Court of Justice recently published a ruling (X ZR 111/17) that a strike is only considered an extraordinary circumstance, in line with Article 5 (3) of the EU Flight Dela..
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More Flight Chaos Expected in 2019 Posted on February, 23 2019 by

2018 was one of the most disorderly years for the travel and aviation sector. It was the first time that the industry saw over 10 million passengers becoming eligible for compensation under ..
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The Loophole in Law May Put Flyers at Risk Posted on February, 22 2019 by

Recently proposed air passenger rights regulation in Canada has been identified to have a loophole that could allow airlines to get away without paying compensation and also put the lives of..
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