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World’s Most Hated Airlines Posted on March, 25 2019 by

Daily Star Online recently revealed a list of the world’s most hated airlines. The report was published after collating over a thousand review titles. The study has finally provided a clea..
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Rules Often Broken by Air Carriers Posted on March, 20 2019 by

Travelling by air should, ideally, be one of the most comfortable experiences. However, we live in the real world, and things are rarely that smooth. The airlines we travel on, and the airpo..
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Jet2 Boss Wants Compensation Delay Laws to be Overhauled Posted on March, 18 2019 by

The founder and executive chairman of has severe doubts concerning the laws that address flight delay compensation, according to a recent report. Philp Meeson is now calling for a r..
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Flight Delay at Stansted Due to Fire Posted on March, 15 2019 by

Around eight people were injured after a nerve-racking explosion struck the wings of an aircraft that was just about to take off from the Stansted runway. The incident led to many of the fli..
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