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WOW Air Collapses; Cause Massive Delays and Cancellations Posted on April, 23 2019 by

WOW air, the budget carrier that managed to turn things around across Europe with its discounted airfares, had ceased its operations last week, causing massive delays and cancellations. The ..
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German Airports Hit by Delays Posted on April, 19 2019 by

Several delays and cancellations hit travellers heading through Southwest Germany last week. According to reports from Deutsche Flugsicherung (DFS), the agency responsible for air traffic co..
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BA Flight Lands at Wrong Airport Posted on April, 15 2019 by

A British Airways flight scheduled to land at Dusseldorf from London ended up mistakenly landing at Edinburgh. The flight, which was supposed to fly east from the airport across the North Se..
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Are British Flyers Kept Informed During Delays? Survey Finds Out Posted on April, 11 2019 by

It is pretty much a fact these days that travellers need to spend more in order to make alternative travels plans in the event of a delay. However, the real question here is whether travelle..
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