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Ryanair, Thomas Cook & Wizz Air Deemed Britain’s Worst Airline Routes Posted on July, 26 2019 by

United Kingdom’s Consumers’ Association charity, Which? recently conducted its annual airline customer satisfaction survey, to find out travellers’ opinions about various a..
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Ryanair Staff Cite Difficulty In Counting Passengers Posted on July, 23 2019 by

The minutes right before take-off can be hectic for airline staff. Seats need to be cleaned, cabin controls need to be set, passengers need to be boarded, and a final count has to be made, t..
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Europe’s Heatwave Causes Major Delays in Airports Posted on July, 20 2019 by

Europe is in the grips of a heatwave, the likes of which it hasn’t seen in centuries. Just last month, temperatures soared over 40 degrees. Conditions are so adverse, that this June has be..
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EasyJet and British Airlines Soon To Cause Major Delays Posted on July, 18 2019 by

Airlines across Europe have called for strikes and walkouts, as issues regarding low pay and workplace inequality come to a head. In late May, Italian airline Alitalia pulled out a large chu..
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