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UK Airports Will Have New And Improved Scanners, PM Boris Johnson Says Posted on September, 25 2019 by

Long queues at airport security get even longer as passengers take out laptops and liquids from their carryon luggage before scanning. But this will soon be a thing of the past. Prime Minist..
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Man Gets Arrested For Misuse Of Boarding Pass Posted on September, 20 2019 by

A romantic gesture cost a husband dearly – in fact, more than he had bargained for. The 27-year-old man, a devoted husband, only wished to say goodbye to his wife. He accompanied his partn..
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Flights Disrupted In France Due To Air Traffic Computer Glitch Posted on September, 16 2019 by

All flights in France came to a halt when a computer glitch disrupted all air traffic over the country. According to a spokesperson for the DGAC, which is the civil aviation authority of Fra..
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Airports Compete For “Airport of the Year” In Europe Posted on September, 10 2019 by

It’s close to that time of the year when the much-awaited 2019 AIR Convention Europe Award winner will be announced. This year, the three airports that have made it to the final stage ..
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