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Ryanair Announces Further Delays In 2019 Citing Aircraft Delivery Delays & Losses Posted on November, 20 2019 by

Ireland’s flagship airline carrier, and one of Europe’s most budget-friendly flights, Ryanair, recently announced its 2020 flight schedule. The airline carrier, which commissioned Boeing..
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Lufthansa’s Strike Set To Delay Or Cancel Flights Taking Off From Germany During The Holiday Season Posted on November, 20 2019 by

During the first week of November, hundreds of Lufthansa employees joined together to hold a strike for two days. The walkout and strike, which occurred across airports in Germany on Novembe..
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New Rule Allows Travellers To Seek Delay Compensation Without Original Boarding Pass Posted on November, 18 2019 by

The European Court of Justice has just made flying extremely traveller-friendly. In a new ruling, the Court has ordered all European airlines to provide flight delay compensation even in the..
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More Flight Delays Expected As US & EU Disagree About 737 MAX Safety Reconfigurations Posted on November, 18 2019 by

Players in the aviation industry remain concerned as the rift between the US and the EU widens over the topic of Boeing 737 Max’s return to the sky. This issue has been contentious ever si..
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US-Bound British Airways Flight Flew in Circles Above Midlands Before Making Emergency Landing, Airways Launched Investigation Posted on November, 7 2019 by

UK-headquartered airline, British Airways, found itself in yet another predicament as a BA flight bound to the United States suspiciously hovered over the Midlands region for over two hours...
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