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Thank you Posted on December, 9 2019 by

Thanks very much for your work !  Best Regards Thierno Diagne  ..
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Travellers Set To Face Numerous Delays And Cancellations As Norwegian Airlines Cuts Multiple Long Haul Routes Posted on December, 9 2019 by

Norway’s flagship airline and one of Europe’s most economical carriers, Norwegian Airlines, has announced that it will be cutting out many of its long-haul flights following oper..
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Technical Glitch On British Airways Flights Delays Thousands In Both Heathrow And Gatwick Posted on December, 9 2019 by

British Airways is in the grips of another major issue after a serious technical glitch left thousands of passengers stranded all over the world. Most of BA’s long haul flights coming into..
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British Airways Agrees To Negotiate With Union In Bid To Avoid Flight Delays During Christmas Posted on December, 9 2019 by

The almost year-long tussle between global airline operator British Airways and its pilots (4000 of whom are part of the British Airline Pilots’ Association) may be drawing to a tempor..
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Boeing’s 737 MAXs Expected To Fly Only After First Quarter 2020, Delays Expected During Holiday Season Posted on December, 9 2019 by

If Boeing thought the Holiday spirit would make regulators at the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) kinder to them, it was wrong. Based on reports from the continent’s highe..
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