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Thank you Posted on January, 24 2020 by

“After getting nowhere with our flight claim directly with the airline for 18 months, we contacted Blueway. The process was quick and easy, and with occasional follow-up we had a settl..
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Tunisair Travellers May Face Delays & Cancellations As Company Looks Towards Operational Overhauls in 2020 Posted on January, 13 2020 by

The flagship carrier of Tunisia – Société Tunisienne de l’Air, or more commonly called Tunisair – has been serving the European market for years. Thousands of travellers use the ..
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London Heathrow Dubbed The UK’s Worst Airport Thanks To Massive Number of Christmas Flight Delays Posted on January, 13 2020 by

The holiday season is a special time for everyone. People wish to get home to spend time with their loved ones. Their idea of a holiday certainly isn’t spending hours waiting for a delayed..
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Delays Up By 76% Since 2017 As New Year Traffic Surges In Europe’s Strike-Prone Airports Posted on January, 13 2020 by

The traffic in Europe’s many airports has been increasing over the years. Unfortunately, so have the number of strikes, walk-outs, and fuel issues. This has created a massive problem for t..
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Boeing’s Decision To Stop 737 MAX Production To Badly Hit Global Airline Routes, Delays Expected Posted on January, 13 2020 by

Boeing’s decision to temporarily halt the production of its 737 Max planes has left companies and travellers around the world in a lurch. The move is in response to the string of lawsu..
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