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Coronavirus Scare May Lead To Long Delays When Travelling Back To The UK Posted on February, 11 2020 by

The deadly and dreaded coronavirus has reached epidemic proportions in the world today. Some experts state that it’s worse than the previous epidemic of Ebola. As of writing, the death tol..
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Brexit Set To Affect Air Travel Within EU: Here’s What You Need To Know Posted on February, 11 2020 by

31st January 2020 will forever be a date etched in the minds of EU residents; more so for UK residents. That was the day the UK finally left the EU and with this departure comes a slew of ch..
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Another SAS Strike May Be On The Cards, Delays Expected In Scandinavian Airports Posted on February, 11 2020 by

Travellers going to or departing from any of the four Scandinavian countries are in for serious trouble, as there are whispers of a second SAS strike. Reports indicate that SAS  flight ..
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You Won’t Ever Be Delayed If You Fly On This Airline Posted on February, 11 2020 by

Russia can hold her head high – the country’s flagship airline Aeroflot has recently been declared the most on-time mainline airline in the world. This ranking has come in the “On-Time..
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