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UK Aviation Seeks EU Help Post Brexit To Manage Coronavirus Travel Shutdown Posted on April, 13 2020 by

The coronavirus pandemic has put the UK in a tight spot. Thousands of Britons and Scots are stranded across the world, as countries begin to seal their borders and stop international travel...
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Norwegian Flights Run for Single Passengers in a Bid to Overcome Covid-19 Economic Losses Posted on April, 13 2020 by

As the Coronavirus holds the world in its deathly grip, airline companies everywhere are being forced towards new lows due to a lack of travellers. One of the hardest-hit countries in terms ..
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European Airlines Temporarily Shut Shop as Global Lockdown Brings Travel Industry to a Standstill Posted on April, 13 2020 by

With borders closed and both domestic and international travel banned due to Covid-19, many airlines in Europe are finding it difficult to support operations. The absence of government tax v..
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UK Commissions Rescue Flights to Bring Home Citizens Stranded Overseas Posted on April, 13 2020 by

With the Coronavirus pandemic putting many airports under temporary lockdown, commercial flights are no longer the feasible way for people to travel home. As a result, thousands of citizens ..
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