3 Women Have Dream Flight Experience after Delay

Posted on January, 23 2017 by Blueway Limited

Flight-Delay-Refunds-300x200Laura Stevens, Laurie-Lin Waller and Sarah Hunt had the best flight experience possible as they were the only 3 passengers on a British Airways flight. Their flight was delayed by over 3 hours and passengers, that had shown up on time, for the flight to London from Gibraltar had been accommodated onto an earlier flight.

Since Stevens and her friends had done an online check-in for their 5:20pm flight, they were notified about the flight delay and decided to extend their vacation. When they finally showed up to the airport, they were the only 3 passengers, out of 150, that were left on the original flight.

The royal treatment

After cabin crew found out that there were only 3 passengers, the royal treatment began. Stevens and her friends were the only ones at the gate and were given access to the executive suite that is usually reserved for first class fliers. Once the 3 mentioned that they hadn’t done their Christmas shopping yet, staff went on to open shops just for them. The executive suite has a whole host of complementary features that the 3 enjoyed.

Their £80 tickets were upgraded to first class tickets and once on board, the posh treatment continued, with crew ushering them to business class seats. The trio documented their journey through numerous images and was allowed to take pictures with the crew, the pilot and inside the cockpit.

Stevens said that they got a personal safety talk and were having the time of their lives with the crew and pilot. They were given front row seats and the pilot even made a joke about never having to fly only 3 people on a commercial flight. The flight also took off earlier than scheduled as there were no other passengers.

To make things even better, they were given the best booze and food. The crew gave them unlimited champagne for the journey with Stevens stating that she and her friends finished 10 mini-bottles of the premium liquor. A full three-course meal was also given to the trio. The meal included hot crusty rolls, breaded chicken and potato salad with cheese, and finished off with chocolate pudding.

An unforgettable experience

As the three continued to take images and videos, Stevens noted that this was an unforgettable experience and that they felt like rock stars on a private jet. Several of the videos show the trio strutting down the aisles wearing shades, with champagne in hand.

Stevens and her friends were so happy that when crew informed them that landing might take longer than expected, they were joyous as they wanted the flight to “go on forever”. Even after they landed, they still had the celebrity experience as there was no waiting in passport control.

Stevens noted that normally, people pay a lot of money to have the experience they did but they got it for the price of an economy ticket. She was also very gratuitous towards British Airways for the experience.

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