38-hour Flight Delay Spoils Holidays for 200 Passengers

Posted on December, 14 2015 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays are something that every traveller dreads, especially the ones that affect tight schedules and warm family reunions. Around 200 passengers of Monarch Airlines will vouch for the distress, given the 38-hour flight delay they had to bear. Midland vacationers who were travelling from Tenerife to Birmingham airport were stuck at the point of origin for a long time. The reason given was a problem in the hydraulics of the plane that made it unsafe to be flown. Passengers had to wait for long hours before they were informed about what was going to happen next.

Flight delay CompensationPassenger’s point of view

Passengers waiting to board the aircraft guessed that something might have gone wrong when they noticed the disabled passengers in wheelchairs were being taken off the plane. After waiting for some time, they were informed that the flight will not be operational until the following day. Flight delays do not only spell difficulty in managing self and resources at the airport but when the delay is longer, there are many logistical issues as well. Passengers then waited while their luggage was unloaded, worrying and wondering about their accommodation and meal requirements and how they will be met. After a long, endless wait, passengers were directed to different hotels to spend the night, were given meal vouchers worth six Euros, and were offered soft drinks.

The delay overflowed and multiplied as a result of over 200 passengers being directed to hotels which were not prepared to handle such an emergency. Passengers had to wait for hours in queues while rooms were allotted to them. Although they were all provided with accommodation and refreshments, many passengers were worried about the loss of a day’s work because of the delay.

Flight to Birmingham

It was not until the next morning that the passengers were asked to wait outside the hotel for a coach that would take them to the airport to catch their flight back to Birmingham. After a couple of hours’ wait in the hot sun, the coach finally arrived. Some passengers hired taxis on their own to reach the airport. The flight from Tenerife finally took off at 3 pm. The nightmarish landing at the Birmingham airport made it a worse experience for the Monarch passengers.

Lack of planning, organization, emergency management caused passengers to dread this particular UK airline delay. Waiting is bad enough, but when one has to wait without any idea of the expected time of departure or other plans, it makes it twice as bad. In the event of UK airline delay, depending on each situation, passengers are entitled to various benefits. Some of the benefits being food, drinks, access to phone calls and emails, accommodation, and in the case of longer delays, cash compensation. Monarch’s spokesperson said that the airlines apologized to the passengers for the delay and provided them food, drinks, and accommodation. However, no mention was made about any kind of monetary compensation.

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