£383 Million to be Paid as Flight Delay Compensation This Year

Posted on January, 5 2018 by Blueway Limited

Ryanair announced to speed up processing of compensation claims for flight delays and cancelled flights within 10 days with 150 customer service representatives to carry out this operation. Payouts fixed at 250 Euros and 400 Euros based on the distance of the flight

Waiting at the airport becomes already unbearable when you have an exciting trip planned ahead. But as soon as you hear the announcement of your flight getting delayed (mostly for hours), the excitement simply seems to fade away. It’s even worse when your thrill of a holiday is replaced by annoyance and disappointment. But there’s a good news: you can be compensated for such delays. In fact, a whopping sum of flight delay claims is from UK passengers for flight delays in 2017.


AirHelp’s revelations

2017’s flight delay compensation claims of UK passengers have reached a large figure of £383 million, as revealed by AirHelp. This is a huge figure to reach in a year alone and shows how frequent flight delays are. August 2017 was perhaps the busiest month for travel in the UK, where several flight disruptions have occurred throughout the year. Flights to Malaga from UK airports experienced maximum flight disruptions, with flights to Amsterdam and Edinburgh being the second-most affected. Even flights to Glasgow and Dublin experienced significant volumes of disruptions in 2017.


AirHelp Score also reveals that a few airports in the UK are considered the worst globally when it comes to their quality and passenger service. These airports include Manchester, Edinburgh and London Gatwick. Ryanair and Monarch are considered amongst the worst airlines in the country, as seen by the AirHelp Score rating. The flight cancellations of these airlines have affected about 168,000 UK passengers, who wait for several hours at the airport but only to learn that their flight has been cancelled on that particular day. Frequent flight delays and cancellations have also pushed overall flight fares up in the country.


What are the reasons behind flight delays?

British Airways, the country’s flagship airline, experienced two system failures earlier this year. The technical glitch disrupted the plans of thousands of UK passengers and cost the airline nearly £100 million as compensation payments. That’s a huge figure of compensation payment for an airline as huge as British Airways, that promise timeliness and excellent customer service to passengers.


But some airlines cities really unusual reasons for flight delays; some flights were delayed by the presence of a mouse and scorpion on the aircraft, while others were delayed due to the absence of paper roll in the toilet. The presence of the scorpion and mouse could have cost the airline about £154,000. No matter what, flight delays are a common phenomenon in the UK, especially during the festive season.


December is perhaps the busiest month in the UK to fly, owing to the fact that a large number of people travel during Christmas. AirHelp Score also reveals that people are likely to experience fewer delays if they are flying in the middle of the week (Wednesday or Thursday) than those flying on weekends (Fridays to Sunday). Also, people travelling between 10 pm and 5 am are also less likely to experience flight delays than those flying during the day.


If you feel like you’ve been affected by a flight delay and want to see if you can claim, contact us on call us on +44 (0)20 8428 3692 or email us and tell us about your experience so we can see if we can help.

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