A Look at the Most Delayed Flights from UK Airports

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

In a recent flight delay news published by the BBC, it has been discovered that passengers flying from London Gatwick experienced the maximum number of delays in the UK.

The results were obtained after BBC News analysed aviation data for the UK. The data showed airports and routes where flyers experienced the worst in terms of punctuality. It was found that passengers in Gatwick experienced, on an average, 18 minutes of delay per flight.

When asked for a comment, the airport stated that it regretted the delays caused.Of all the flights, the worst affected was a flight from Manchester to London. This particular flight was found to have been delayed for a period of 88 hours.

Further investigation

BBC England’s Data Unit studied data (from January of 2015 to March of 2016) provided by the Civil Aviation Authority. They found that a Pakistani International Airlines flight that flew from Manchester to the John F Kennedy Airport in New York was late for 8 flights out of the 10 recorded ones.

Turkmenistan Airlines experienced the maximum number of delays with passengers having to wait for 70 minutes above schedule on an average.

The average delay for all airlines at the airport was estimated to be around 15 minutes. In comparison, the average delay for all airlines at Heathrow was 13 minutes. Heather enjoyed a marginally less flight delay time despite having more flights.

At Newcastle Airport, the flight delay time per flight was estimated to be around 11 minutes.

A spokesperson for Gatwick issued a statement mentioning that the airport regretted the flight delays and that several of the delays were caused as a result of circumstances outside of the airport’s control. The spokesperson added that the flight delays during the assessed period were also the result of the issues such as the ATC strikes across Europe.

Similarly, Manchester Airport, which, as mentioned above, was responsible for the longest recorded delay also issued a statement claiming that the incident was an isolated one involving Pakistan International Airlines. The spokesperson issuing the statement also added that the delay did not impact the schedule for other flights.

Compensations galore

The number of delays experienced at the airport might delight customers claiming compensation. However, even compensations are subject to rules. Factors such as the flight duration and the destination are also considered when flight delay compensations are claimed.

To begin with, flights must have an airport within the European Union as the departure location for the compensation rules to be applicable. The exceptions to this rule are Norway, Iceland, and Switzerland. Secondly, the airlines must be either UK or EU based.

The flight delay claim for a 3 hour delay on a short haul flight (1500 kilometres) is €250 or £215. Also, the delay should have been caused by the airline for the compensation claim to be valid. Similarly, the flight compensation delay claim for medium haul (between 1500 to 3500 kilometres) flights is £345 or €400. For long haul (Over 3500 kilometres) flights, the delay claim is worth €600 or £517.

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