Airlines Reluctance To Pay Out For Flight Delays

Posted on February, 18 2014 by Blueway Limited

Running an airline is a business and every business aims to make a profit. Paying out compensation means giving away part of the company’s income, which in turn means loss of earnings for the company. So, you will find that the airline company whom you booked with will be very reluctant in giving out compensation.You would expect when paying for a service, to receive it to the highest standard. The European Union rules that the company is liable to entertain flight delays compensation claims to the passenger and pay up a compensatory amount when the claim passes to be legitimate.

The point is how would you know in detail about the judgments of European Court of Justice when claiming for compensation? How would you know whether your claim can be passed as a legitimate claim? If the flight delays were due to weather conditions or environmental factors, sometimes you can claim, sometimes you cannot. Who informs you about this? If you are still waiting for an answer then here it is, you need to contact a company with the initiative to refund flight delay monies.


Now, the question that arises in your mind is: even if there has been a delay in the flight timing and you have incurred some loss, how is this company going to help you? Please pay attention to this piece of information, these companies will have a recorded history of flight timings and information on court judgements regarding previous claims. Which means if you had faced a loss due to delay in flight timings and you do not remember the flight number or registration number then this company will still be able to trace down that particular flight you were to board.

If the company finds that your claim can be passed as a legitimate Airline Compensation Claim, they will then begin the process in claiming compensation from this airline company for the inconvenience caused. These companies have vast experiences in transport and logistics department. They recruit teams of professional staff practising in the legal field, experts from the sector of Information Technology and specialists of Aviation Industry to help you reclaim the compensation amount. So in turn, you do not fall short of support while seeking justice.

All you need to do is inform these companies of your name, postal address, email address, available contact number, date of journey, arrival and departure airport/destinations and the number of hours by which the concerned flight had been delayed. This is because in the year 2012 the court had ruled that if this delay exceeds three hours the passenger may claim for compensation.

The amount of claimable compensation is between 250 Euros to 600 Euros per passenger but to extract this much will be a tough job because Airlines’ are always reluctant to pay out for flight delays, however the best part is you do not have to pay anything to this intermediate company if they fail to get you compensation. In the case you have successfully gained a refund by an airline company, these companies would charge only twenty percent of the refunded amount plus VAT as this is a service charge. So if you are not willing to spend all your own time chasing the Airline Compensation Claim, then why not use Blueway Limited to assist you with your compensation claim? Why should you wait any longer.

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