Angered Passenger Sends Bailiffs to Force Ryanair into Paying his Compensation

Posted on February, 17 2016 by Blueway Limited

Budget airline companies are sometimes notorious for charging a fee for minor things like printing the boarding pass or choosing seats. But with Lucas Marshall, an airline company crossed the line by asking him to pay more than €420 simply for checking his family in for the flight. Angered by the incident, he took the airline company to the court and won the compensation.

Ryanair demands payment for checking-in

Ryan Marshall is a 34-year-old landscape gardener from Derbyshire who had taken his wife and four children for a holiday trip to Fuerteventura sometime last year. When he was travelling back from the Canary Islands with his family, he realised that he could not print boarding passes due to a technical issue related to his booking reference. At the check-in gate, the staff of Ryanair demanded that he pay €420 to get new passes even though he had already paid for the trip earlier. Left with only a few minutes to make a decision, Mr. Marshall paid the amount as he did not want his family to miss the flight home.

Mr. Marshall takes Ryanair to court after they ignore him

After he had paid a fee for the new boarding passes, he found out that his children were given arbitrary seats for the flight, and one of his children had to sit beside strangers. Once he reached back home, Mr. Marshall wrote to the headquarters of airline company located in Ireland and reasoned with them, asking for a refund for checking-in. Ryanair allegedly failed to respond to him and he was forced to take the issue to court. Mr. Marshall said that paying the € 420 fee for new boarding passes was “ridiculous” as he had already paid for the trip.

Lucas Marshall wins after Ryanair fails to respond to the court notice

After the airline company ignored his requests to grant passenger compensation for a technical error on their part, Mr. Marshall approached the court to find justice. Ryanair however, refused to respond to the court notice that was issued, and Mr. Marshall automatically won the case as the airline company was unrepresented. The court then sent bailiffs to the headquarters of Ryanair in Stansted, Essex to retrieve the money they owe Mr. Marshall.

RyanAir pays the passenger, but does not apologize

In December 2015, Mr. Marshall received a cheque for €806 from Ryanair, but the airline company is yet to apologize for their treatment of the situation. Mr. Marshall, however, was “over the moon” when he received the cheque. Ryan Marshall, who stays at Chapel-en-le-Firth in Derbyshire with wife Michelle, and children Lewis, Ellenor, Lucy, and Carly, plans to exhibit the €806 cheque on a wall at his home. “It wasn’t about the money”, said the father of four, “it was about the principle”. The spokesperson for Ryanair refused to comment on the issue.

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