BA Fails to Compensate Passenger

Posted on January, 14 2019 by Blueway Limited

AirHelp has revealed that almost 1.6 million passengers are eligible to claim approximately £383,000,000 due to flight delays and cancellation in the UK in 2017. AirHelp Score also reveals the two worst alrlines in the UK with absurd reason for their delays.Akin Olagbaiye, a passenger scheduled to fly by British Airways, was waiting to get back home after a holiday with his partner in Rome when he found himself waiting at the airport around 3 hours. Apparently, his flight delayed due to the technical problem and could not take off as per schedule. Now, as per EU aviation laws, Akin is eligible for flight delay compensation.

Akin was informed by a staff member at the gate that he would have to wait and that an update would be communicated to him eventually. Akin and the rest of the passengers were then left waiting at the queue for over an hour.

Akin says that BA’s staff were pretty “useless” and did very little to help. According to Akin, there was even a point in time when a staff member announced that she was unaware of what to do since it was her first shift while laughing to someone.

The flyer also mentioned that there were around 200 passengers queuing up to board the plane and no update was provided for a very long time. It was only after a significant amount of time had passed by that passengers were finally made aware of the technical trouble holding them up.

But the horror had only begun for Akin and the rest. The passengers were informed that they wouldn’t be allowed to board the flight and that they’d have to wait for a second inbound flight to land and take them back to the UK.


No Proper Schedule to Refer to

The passengers were not informed as to how long they’d have to wait for the second flight. Akin also mentioned that BA had only handed out a £5 voucher for both, him and his partner instead of one each as per the rules. The two were also asked to return to main section of the airport and wait, along with the other passengers.

However, the wait lasted much longer; around two hours more.

After boarding the second flight, the captain announced that the earlier flight had a fuel leak. Eventually, Akin and his partner made it home 3 hours and 10 minutes behind schedule. Now, as per EU aviation laws, Akin is eligible for compensation.

But when he did apply for one, he was told by BA that his application wouldn’t be accepted. Akin, knowing his rights, tried to take up the matter with the CEO, but, instead, was told by a Customer Relationship Executive that BA not compensating him.

BA claimed that 24 minutes of the initial delay was a result of bad weather in the country from which the flight was scheduled to take off. Even after sending several emails, Akin was still told that his request wouldn’t be entertained.

Akin was left fighting his battle for delay flight compensation.


BA Responds

After being contacted by the media regarding Akin’s issue, BA responded by stating that its customers were of the utmost important and apologized for the delay. The carrier added that it had reviewed the case and has now contacted Akin to arrange for the compensation to be handed over.

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