Bad Summer for British Passengers Due to Increase of Delayed Flights

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

In recent flight delay news, it has been found that holidaymakers from Britain suffered a tremendous amount of delays this summer. According to statistics, delays had increased by 30% compared to figures from the past 2 years. When calculated, the delays were found to be in the region of 1000 hours. To put it simply, passengers have been spending a thousand hours waiting for their flights. One of the worst affected was Palma, a city located in Spain. According to reports, the average delay in the city lasted 3 to 4 hours, especially in the case of those travelling by any of the 4 major holiday air carriers.

Similarly, even certain destinations in Greece fell under the worst affected category as well.The reasons for the delays were many. Though most of the delays were primarily due to the ATC strikes across France, even factors such as technical issues, the recent coup by the Turkish military and the pothole on Gatwick’s runaway played a role.

The numbers

According to estimates, the number of summer delays is calculated to be around 4500 hours in total. This is for all airports within the UK. In 2014 and 2015, the number of summer delays was estimated to be worth around a total of 3500 hours, which means 2016 has seen an increase of 1000 hours.

Flight Delay are responsible for causing further complications for passengers. For instance, one could miss a connecting fight or any other linked transport. However, that has not motivated some passengers to take action. Reports tell us that flight compensation claims worth 130 million pounds remain unclaimed.

Experts state that at least 3 out of 4 flight delays are easily eligible for flight delay compensation.On the whole, everyone agrees that British flyers have faced the worst in term of delays, this summer and airline authorities are encouraging those passengers to file for compensation claims without hesitation.

Airlines fail to be proactive

A common complaint among those filing for flight compensation claims is that airlines are rarely proactive about the issue. The EU, which regulates flight delay compensations, has been requested to take a hard look at the air carriers and observe if they are in line with the set regulations. Many feel that airlines hardly do enough to fix or compensate for such situations. Among the days that were worst hit by delays, the 11th of July comes right out on top. There were 125 flight delays reported on that day with the primary reason being the harsh weather.

As for least number of reported delays, the 14th of August turned out to be one of the better days.The year 2016 was also the year we witnessed an increase in the number of ATC strikes. However, there were plenty of delays that occurred as a result of airline faults and not just the ATC strikes. For example, many budget carriers flew with maximum capacity in order to achieve proper turnarounds amidst a busy schedule. Even a single day can cause a chain reaction of delays, especially if it is the same route. This is another reason why this summer was the summer of delays.

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