Baggage Loader Crash Delays EasyJet Flight

Posted on June, 21 2017 by Blueway Limited

A crash involving a baggage loader led to the 4-hour delay of an EasyJet flight on the morning of 30th May. Passengers were forced to the entire time inside the aircraft till engineers were called in to fix the issue. The flight was scheduled to depart from Manchester. According to an EasyJet spokesperson, EasyJet Flight No: EZY1897, scheduled to fly from Manchester to Berlin, had been delayed due to a collision that occurred between the baggage loader and the aircraft. He added, in his statement, that the crash had caused very little damage and that passengers were well taken care of.It is believed that they were provided with refreshments while engineers surveyed the situation in order to carry our repairs as soon as possible.

EasyJet sent out an apology to its flyers and thanked them for being patient during the delay. After repairs were carried out, the flight finally departed at 11 AM; almost 5 hours behind its original schedule. As for arrival, the flight had landed at Berlin around 2 PM, according to information obtained from the EasyJet website. A spokesperson for the Manchester Airport also stated that minor damages were caused to the EasyJet aircraft after a baggage collider crashed into it. He added that engineers had looked into the situation and assessed the damages, after which, they carried out repairs, allowing the flight’s eventual departure. A spokesperson for Menzies Aviation sent out a statement that an investigation was being carried out to determine how the accident was caused and that action would be taken if needed.

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