Britain’s Budget Airlines are the Friendliest of the Airlines

Posted on September, 11 2014 by Blueway Limited

budgetBudget airlines Aer Lingus, EasyJet and Ryanair received the fewest complaints compared to 35 other major airlines last year. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) found that per million passengers, easyJet received just 33 complaints, while the Irish carriers Aer Lingus and Ryanair received 29 and 35 complaints, respectively. This is an astonishingly low figure for complaints. The main reasons for complaints are generally flight cancellations, lost luggage or denied boarding as they severely disrupt a passenger’s travel plans. High costs or charges, long queues and poor service are also among the list of gripes which lead to passengers filing complaints against airlines.

However, budget airlines such as Ryanair have recently changed their policies to become more “customer friendly” so since then seems as though passengers are much happier to travel with budget airlines where they can fly cheaply and cheerfully! Ryanair made cuts to check-in charges and have improved their restrictions on baggage (passengers can now carry an extra carry-on bag free-of-charge). The boarding pass re-issue fee was reduced from £70 to £15 and the charge for checking in luggage was reduced from £60 to £30 per bag. Ryanair have also restricted public announcements to only essential safety messages for all flights that operate before 8am or after 9pm to give passengers some peace and quiet whilst they travel. Ryanair now dim the lighting so that any customers who want to sleep, can now comfortably do so without the irritation of the bright aeroplane lighting directly above them.

When comparing some of the more costly package holiday companies such as Thomas Cook and Thomson with the budget airlines, both airlines received record high numbers of complaints. Per million passengers, Thomas Cook received 616 complaints and Thomson received 256 complaints. These results correlate with results found in an online poll conducted by Martin Lewis (Money Saving Expert). The poll was aimed at the general public to find out more about airline flight delay compensation to see which of the airlines are the most and least responsive when it comes to compensation claims. The poll also shows the amount of people that had claimed airline compensation against each of the airlines. Thomas Cook had a total of 2607 votes and Thomson had a total of 2316 votes. These were the highest figures from the entire survey of 60 airlines. The amount of votes represents the amount of people claiming flight delay compensation for delays of 3 hours or more. Monarch followed shortly behind receiving 1935 votes. Budget airline Ryanair received 460 votes while Aer Lingus received only 111 votes.

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