British Airways: Voted As The Best Airline With The Best Website

Posted on September, 8 2014 by Blueway Limited

you decideBritish Airways is considered as Britain’s favourite airline for more reasons than one. The airline guarantees a dedicated service along with exceptional comfort and style to passengers on board all of their flights. On top of this, in 2013 the public voted British Airways as having the Best Airline Site. The website is user-friendly and accommodates for passengers with disabilities. Passengers with learning difficulties, reduced mobility, or those who are visually impaired or deaf can now request wheelchairs or other special requirements via the British Airways website and can also save their preferences for future bookings.

British Airways has also been found to be the best airline when it comes to responding to airline compensation claims. Whereas, the majority of airlines either ignore or reject passengers that try to claim compensation, leaving their claims pending for several weeks. An online poll conducted by Martin Lewis showed that British Airways compensated 44% of passengers (448 passengers in total) without court action. 37% of claims were ‘still ongoing’ which doesn’t mean British Airways rejected the claims they simply had not been settled. The fact that British Airways accepted and granted compensation to 44% of claims stands out significantly when compared to other airlines. responded to 0% of claims made against them while 67% of claims were still ongoing. Ryanair responded to just 5% of claims, with 59% still ongoing. Wizz Air responded to 8% of claims, with 58% still ongoing.

Trip Advisor conducted a survey on 9,000 UK residents to find out theirfavourite and least favourite airline. British Airways topped the poll and was ranked as Britain’s most popular airline achieving almost a quarter of the vote (2070 passengers in total), Virgin Atlantic Airways followed shortly afterwards. The least favourite airline was Ryanair, receiving 49% of votes, amounting to 4410 passengers in total. Only 2% of passengers choose Ryanair as their favourite airline. The survey also found that of the 9,000 people involved, over half of them had experienced flight delays in the last 12 months, and one in six (15%) had suffered flight delays of more than six hours. In order to qualify for compensation (flight delay), the delay has to be a minimum of 3 hours. Although 1,350 passengers had experienced flight delays, only 10 percent chose to claim compensation. This means that only 135 people claimed their rightful compensation despite the fact that two-thirds of those passengers were successful in receiving compensation.

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