CAA to Monitor Punctuality in 24 UK Airports!

Posted on July, 24 2015 by Blueway Limited

Flight PunctualityThe UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) now monitors 24 airports in the country. This step will significantly raise the quality bar and increase passenger choice as an overwhelming 97 percent of all passenger journeys and 90 percent of the passenger flights can now be monitored.

Covered airports

The airports being monitored are:

⇒ Birmingham
⇒ Exeter
⇒ Aberdeen
⇒ Cardiff
⇒ Edinburgh
⇒ Belfast City
⇒ Durham Tees Valley
⇒ Belfast International
⇒ Leeds Bradford and Southampton
⇒ Jersey
⇒ Gatwick
⇒ Bournemouth
⇒ Glasgow
⇒ Heathrow
⇒ Doncaster Sheffield
⇒ London City
⇒ Liverpool
⇒ Luton
⇒ Manchester
⇒ East Midlands
⇒ Newcastle and Stansted
⇒ Bristol

All these airports will be assessed for their punctuality and also for the average delay parameters. The CAA will continue to collate and publish greater quantity of information- including European delayed flights– for the benefit of air passengers. This information will help in comparing the efficiency of the air transport services inside the United Kingdom.


The inclusion of all 24 airports from the previous 10 had already shown its beneficial effects. The UK flight delay news is lowered and punctuality has ramped up from 73 percent to an excellent 90 percent. When it comes to journeys by individual air passengers, the count has also increased from a good 83 percent to a superlative 97 percent.

According to Iain Osborne, who works as Group Director concerning Regulatory Policy in the CAA, his organization is present to look after the interests of the passengers. The CAA also wants to ensure that prospective passengers make informed and thus better decisions from the airport they would prefer to fly from. Mr. Osborne said the expanded coverage means it will be possible for a greater number of air passengers to see how the busiest airports in the United Kingdom are stacking up against the mark of flight punctuality.

Analysing the data

This data consisting of the new punctuality figures have been collated by UK CAA since October 2014. This means it is now possible to publish the fourth quarter data for both the average delay and on-time performance. The CAA has also collated fourth quarter data for 2013, thus making possible year-on-year comparison.

The CAA regularly publishes consumer-centric information, which the organization believes will help consumers to make comparisons between the air transport services operating in the UK. This policy is in accordance with duties laid out by section 83 of Civil Aviation Act enacted in 2012. It also adheres to CAA statement of policy.

The statistics provided by CAA on the punctuality concerning passenger flights encompass both departures and arrivals. The actual operational times are sourced from air transport movements provided to CAA that are contrasted with planned departure and arrival times as given by Airport Co-ordination Limited. The calculation of delay and timely performance are calculated on the basis of scheduled on-stand time, reported runway time and also expected time to be taken by a commercial aircraft between stand and runway (taxi time). The definition of “on-time” is described as arriving or departing either late or early arrival or departure up to a period of 15 minutes.

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