What Can Blueway Limited Do for Your Flight Delay Claim

Posted on January, 6 2015 by Blueway Limited

flightdelayTwo years ago, Marie Cowie and her family had planned to celebrate their vacation in Mexico. They booked tickets on a Thomas Cook flight that was delayed by 10 hours, ruining their itinerary and holiday plans. On their return, a frustrated Cowie mailed the airline company seeking compensation. However, she got a response that compensation could not be given as the delay was caused due to “extraordinary circumstances.”Almost a year later, in June 2013, she heard about the services provided by Blueway Limited( Since the company does not charge any amount upfront, she decided to opt for their service and contacted them. Over the following months Blueway Limited managed the case on her behalf and kept her updated about the proceedings. By August, the company told her that she won the case and was entitled to 300 Euros or £2,600 for her group of five people. She says she cannot thank Blueway Limited enough for helping her get through the doors that were closed to her. Compensation laws, lack of knowledge or awareness is the reason why many people don’t appeal for claims. As per EC regulations 261/2004 that came into effect in 2005, passengers may claim compensations on flights that were delayed, cancelled or denied to board.  Any passenger, who has a confirmed reservation on a flight departed from any European Union airport, can apply for compensation on any of his/her delayed flights in the past 6 years, according to a more recent court ruling. In most cases, when you individually apply for refunds, flight companies deny compensation citing delay or cancellation due to extraordinary circumstances. Compensations for flight delays range from 250 Euros to 600 Euros per person, depending on the distance of travel and the duration of delay. The amount may be paid in cash, bank draft or cheque. The amount that you are entitled to get as compensation is as follows (per head):

  • 600 Euros for more than 3500 kilometres and more than 4 hours of delay.
  • 300 Euros for more than 3500 kilometres delay between 3 to 4 hours
  • 400 Euros for distance between 1500 km and 3500 km
  • 250 Euros for less than 1500 kilometres

How it works We are familiar with the laws and procedures and can put forth your case more efficiently than you could do it individually. And all we charge is 20 per cent of the compensation amount that you are awarded. All you have to do is register the complaint with us, along with all the required documents. With the help of our flight data systems, weather statistics, expertise and knowledge, we follow the correct legal steps and process your claim. Our team of aviation, IT and legal professionals will manage your claim efficiently. If you travelled on a delayed flight in the last 6 years, contact us and file for your claim as soon as possible. The compensation you get for a ruined holiday could finance your next holiday.

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