What to do When Delayed at the Airport!

Posted on February, 20 2015 by Blueway Limited

Your flight can be delayed for a number of reasons ranging from technical issues to weather problems. The hard part is that, as a passenger, there is not much that you can do to fix the problem, except to be prepared and make the most of the extra time you get. So, here are a few tips to help you deal with delays at the airport.

Get comfortable

The first reaction to a flight delay is to become annoyed or angry. You can try to avoid it by looking on the positive side of the situation. You can read a book, listen to music or watch a movie on your laptop or phone. Delays are also a good way to get some alone-time. You can make a call to your old friends or take a small stroll around the airport.

Keep an eye on the weather

A good way to stay prepared for a flight delay in advance is to follow the weather report. Heavy fog and storm usually lead to flight delays. If there are reports of harsh weather conditions in your area or at your destination, you should be expecting a flight delay. Being mentally prepared will allow to you deal with the delay much better.

Managing children

If you are travelling with young children or infants, things can go from bad to worse when there is a flight delay. Make sure you are prepared to take good care of your children as their sleeping or feeding schedules are bound to get disturbed by a delay in your flight timing. It will also affect your own ability to deal with the situation.

Make sure you have all things necessary to keep your children as comfortable as possible. If you are travelling with an infant, carry enough baby food in your hand luggage so that you can feed the child whenever he/she is hungry. If not, at least ensure that you have enough cash to buy it at the airport stores.

If you have slightly older children, carry some snacks or instant food so that they don’t go hungry. You could even carry some books, puzzles or comics to keep them entertained or distracted.

Seek options

Sometimes flights get delayed when you need them the most. It could be an important business meeting that you need to attend or a family emergency. So, wasting hours at the airport is obviously not an option. To avoid such situations, make sure you keep your travel alternatives open and available.

Approach the airline services counter to know which alternative flights are available so that you can switch to another one. Though, it might be a little difficult to convince your original airline to agree, it is quite possible that you might get lucky as long as your reasons are genuine enough.

Flight delay compensation

You can also claim delayed compensation as per the new European Law. Airlines are now required to pay passengers delayed flight compensation in case of a delayed flight. Passengers can claim up to £470 if their flight is three hours late to the destination. So, make sure you are informed about the details regarding the law when you apply for the compensation.

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