Drunken Mother Delays British Airways Flight

Posted on January, 3 2017 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

A party of drunken revelers were forcefully escorted off a British Airways flight from Tenerife to London Gatwick. The group included a woman, who was carrying a baby and was accompanied by her 2 year old son as well. She is believed to be the main focus of the chaos as she repeatedly demanded alcohol even before the plane took off.

The flight, BA 2731, was delayed by over 2 hours thanks to the ruckus caused by the woman and 5 other adults in the group. Witnesses claimed that the woman was in her 20s and named Charlotte, although no details have been revealed officially. They go on to claim that they had seen Charlotte drinking at the bar inside the Tenerife Sur Airport.

Drunken Chaos

According to reports, the woman and her friends were already drunk before getting on the plane and caused a scene by being rowdy and demanding more alcohol. She was seen getting into a heated argument with the flight attendant near the gate before boarding the flight. The argument was reported to be about her being a “benefits mum.”

Once she boarded the Airbus A320 flight, the attendants warned her that she would not be served more alcohol for the duration of the flight. Charlotte is then said to have started yelling from her seat and raging against the lack of alcohol yelling stating that she was a working mom and thus deserved alcohol.

After another warning, the woman continued raging and causing a ruckus and being abusive towards the crew. The crew and pilot seemed to have had enough as the pilot gave the order to take the woman and her friends off the flight.

The passengers on the flight applauded as the party were forcefully escorted off the flight. A passenger from Reading called the group’s behavior appalling while another took to social media site, Twitter, to air out his frustrations. James Griffiths, @JamesFGriff, sent out a tweet reading expressing his frustration at being delayed because of a drunken person and asking why the crew let her board the flight in the first place.

British Airways’ official Twitter account, @British_Airways, replied to James saying that their customers and crew deserved to enjoy their flights, without any form of disruption. They went on to say that the behavior would not be tolerated and that action will be taken. They then apologized for the delay. Since the reply, James has deleted his original tweet saying that he had gotten a good response from the local branch and they had addressed his concerns.

Why the woman and her companions were let on after clearly being intoxicated still remains a mystery. This isn’t the first time the British Airways has had to deal with unruly passengers as numerous incidents from the past have been made public. Many other airlines have also had to deal with drunken passengers making a mess and having to be escorted off the plane.


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