Drunken Passengers Cause Flight Delay

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

In recent flight delay news, a Thomson Airways Caribbean Holiday flight was delayed for over 3 hours at the Gatwick Airport, thanks to 25 drunken passengers.

The drunken passengers were said to be of Irish origin and were forced off the flight after their antics began to disturb other passengers. The flight, which was headed for Costa Rica, was preparing for takeoff, when the disorderly group began to squabble with the staff. The police were called in as the pilot refused to fly the aircraft until the troublesome passengers, including a 14-year-old, were made to leave the flight.

Passengers shocked

Many of the flight’s other passengers were shocked and dismayed at the behaviour exhibited by the intoxicated group. Somerset resident Sally Ferguson, who was on her way to Costa Rica for a vacation, stated that the entire scenario was nothing short of a “fiasco”.

Ms. Ferguson, who serves as the manager of a livery yard, texted one of her relatives mentioning that the flight was still stuck on ground with the passengers on board. She also added that 25 people were removed from the plane because of their drunk and abusive behaviour and that police had begun removing luggage from the hold. According to Sally, the captain mentioned that he had never seen something such as this in 20 years of his career. Sally had even mentioned in her message that the drunken passengers were Irish.

Luggage removed

Members of the disorderly group were escorted out by the police back to the airport, while their luggage was taken out from the hold. As a result of the chaos, the flight (TOM038) to Costa Rica, which was set to depart at 9:15 AM was forced to remain at the departure gate till 12:37 PM.

Some reports indicate that the flight was already delayed due to technical issues before the situation involving the drunken passengers made it worse. Sussex police stated that they were asked to come only after the pilot refused take off with the rowdy group still inside the aircraft.

According to a Thomson Airways spokesperson, the police were called in at 11:35 AM after the pilot refused to fly the aircraft with the 25 drunken male passengers still inside. One of the male passengers was a teenage boy aged 14. The group was said to be highly ill mannered, which raised concerns among the other passengers, as well as the flight staff.The police escorted the men towards landside, after which, they dispersed. The spokesperson added that there was no violence caused by the group of men and that there were no criminal offences committed by them inside the aircraft or the airport. The spokesperson further mentioned that Thomson Airways always had a zero tolerance policy towards such behaviour and that the air carrier has dealt with similar cases in the same manner.

In the concluding part of the statement, the spokesperson highlighted the fact that Thomson Airways prioritized customer and crew safety at all times and that such incidents were very rare.

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