Easy Jet and Virgin Atlantic Ranked as the Worst in Terms of Flight Delays and Compensation

Posted on March, 28 2016 by Blueway Limited

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In a recently conducted survey involving air carriers, Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet were ranked as the worst carriers in the world. EasyJet, the Luton-based air carrier was ranked as second in the list, while Virgin Atlantic from Crawley received a third ranking.

The first ranking was bagged by Portuguese carrier SATA.

However, both EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic have made statements against the findings of the survey.

The Findings

In the survey, the firm observed a total of 34 air-carriers and ranked them according to three factors. The factors considered were:

• The concerned carrier’s quality rating according to Skytrax, which is a review service for airlines that provide annual review reports.

• The concerned carrier’s on-time flight performance in the previous year’s final quarter. Data for this was provided by

• Claims processing – Under claims processing, the survey focused on two aspects. The first was the number of claims rejected by the carrier and taken to court. The other was how fast the carrier was able to process the successful claims. The data for this was sourced from over 3000 compensation claims made by passengers in the final quarter of 2015.

Virgin Atlantic and EasyJet had received 4 star Skytrax ratings. They had a ranking that was lower than RyanAir, a carrier that was recently taken to task by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) over its failure to comply with legal requirements regarding the flight delay compensation.

The denial

Not surprisingly, the results of the study were completely rejected by both carriers. The company responsible for the survey stated that the carriers were judged according to their ability to provide the right amenities, make on-time landings/departures, and how willingly they were prepared to resolve compensation claims for flight delays.

EasyJet responded to the survey’s findings by defending its actions in the area of compensation payments. An EasyJet spokesperson stated that the low-cost carrier would not recognise the findings of the survey. The spokesperson further went on to say that that EasyJet had earned a good repertoire, especially by the Civil Aviation Authority, over the way it had efficiently handled EU261 claims. The spokesperson even mentioned that the carrier was rarely late in paying compensation.

Similarly, a spokesperson from Virgin Atlantic stated that the carrier was sceptical about the validity of the survey’s findings. The spokesperson further explained that the carrier has always been quick to respond to compensation claims and that all valid EU261 claims would be compensated within 14 days.

This is not the first time that both these carriers have received poor rankings. In fact, EasyJet and Virgin Atlantic, along with RyanAir had also received a low ranking in a previous survey, which was conducted in 2015 by the same company.

The carriers were tagged as the worst in UK when it came to handling claims. The rankings were based on data collected from 235,000 passengers, who had filed claims with the respective air carriers, two years prior to the survey.

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