EasyJet Flight Delayed Over Boarding Card Problems

Posted on July, 28 2017 by Blueway Limited

A flier at Manchester Airport had to be escorted away by authorities after boarding an EasyJet flight with a pass that belonged to a friend.

However, authorities are still trying to understand how the person was allowed to even enter the flight in the first place. It is believed that the police were notified after the oversight came to the notice of the airline crew eventually. The police had to intervene as the passenger got into a debate with the crew members.


No Arrests

Reports indicate that the passenger was not arrested. But, the issue did lead to a flight delay as the aircraft landed at the destined airport only on the next day. According to a statement from EasyJet, flight no. EZY1973 had to return the stand after the take-off was postponed due to an issue involving a boarding pass related problem.

A spokesperson for the airline told the media that the police were called in as a precaution while the matter was being investigated. The EasyJet fight was on its way to Paphos, Cyprus from Manchester. Unfortunately, the resulting delay forced Paphos-bound fliers to wait a night at Manchester.

A spokesperson from Manchester Airport stated that the passenger in question was screened properly before being allowed to board. The flight was originally scheduled to leave at 2:45 PM, but, it remained on ground till 5:30 PM. Eventually, the fliers had to be evacuated and put up for the night as the investigation continued.

According to reports from various sources, there were no angry or heated arguments. The passenger was removed by the authorities without any major disturbances. The flight’s captain apologized for the delay and communicated to the remaining passengers that the delay was caused as a result of a boarding pass issue. Police reports made it clear that no arrests were made.

EasyJet confirmed that flight no. EZY1973, heading to Paphos from Manchester, returned to the stand only as the result of a board pass error. The airline also mentioned clearly that police were only called in as a precaution during the investigation.


Cancelled Due to Continued Investigation

By the time the issue was resolved, it became impossible for the crew to continue operations as they had reached their maximum working hours. Making matters worse was the fact that there had been a subsequent ATC delay. There was no replacement crew available either. Needless to say, the only option left was to disembark passengers and shift them to a hotel. The flight was rescheduled to leave for Paphos the next day.

EasyJet supported its decision by stating that the safety and comfort of the passengers were its highest priorities. The airline thanked the passengers for displaying great patience throughout the ordeal and apologized for the problems caused. According to the spokesperson for Manchester Airport, the matter is still being investigated. Authorities are working to figure out what might have caused the discrepancy. They are also talking to EasyJet to understand how such an error could have been made.

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