Engine Explodes on Cuba-Manchester Flight

Posted on January, 12 2018 by Blueway Limited

310 Passengers of Thomas Cook flight MT2653 faced one the most horrifying incidents of their life. They said they were “lucky to be alive” in the wake of such an incident.

While most airlines ensure flight safety and timely arrival, not all of them live up to such promises. Thomas Cook Airlines flight MT2653, like all other flights, ensured a safe flight to its passengers. However, the incident that happened was so terrifying that the passengers onboard the flight called it as the worst nightmare of their life. Here’s what happened:


Thomas Cook aircraft’s engine explosion

Thomas Cook flight MT2653 was bound for Manchester from Cuba on Monday 27th November 2017. As soon as the aircraft took off from Frank País Airport in Holguín, Cuba, things went haywire for the passengers and crews on board. According to reports, passengers said that the plane’s engine exploded as soon as it took off from the airport, thus driving them into a frenzy.


Accounts of the incident started pouring in from passengers which gave a glimpse of the horrifying incident. They said that the plane started lurching terrifyingly as it sped down the runway, making a loud bang as the engine exploded when the aircraft’s front wheel elevated from the runway. Passengers could see a huge orange flame blowing out of the plane’s engine and created a situation of panic inside the cabin.


“We are lucky to be alive”

Passengers aboard Thomas Cook flight MT2653 faced one the most horrifying incidents of their life. They said they were “lucky to be alive” in the wake of such an incident. According to Gareth Swan, one of the passengers on board the plane, the pilot plummeted the aircraft and pounded the brakes, which caused the plane to skid across the runway. The cabin crew on flight MT2563 showed signs of distress as the pilot made the announcement about making an emergency landing to about 310 passengers on board.


Passengers Brian Kennedy and Joseph Farnhill told reporters that they were stuck in the aircraft for about four hours after the incident took place. They even said that the airline handled passengers very poorly because it was only the premium flyers who were allowed to get off the plane first. According to some passengers, they are still having sleepless nights as a result of the trauma.


A spokesperson from Thomas Cook Airlines said that Flight MT2653 was scheduled to depart at 10:05 pm local time from Holguin, Cuba to Manchester on Monday 27th November. But due to a technical glitch in the engine, the pilot halted take-off and brought the aircraft back to a point where passengers and crew members could deboard. He also said, “Our customers’ safety is always our first priority, and we are very sorry for the delay and inconvenience caused”. Thomas Cook Airline, however, arranged accommodation and transport for all passengers aboard the aircraft. They were provided with a replacement aircraft on Wednesday, 29th December.


This, however, raises a question about how efficient the ground-level aircraft maintenance and checking procedures are? But no matter what, the pilot of Thomas Cook Airline certainly showed a strong presence of mind while facing the ordeal and preventing it from becoming a deadly incident that could have taken so many lives.

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