Family Demands Compensation for Flight Delay

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays

News published in the month of October this year reported that an Alnwick-based family of eight people held its travel agent responsible for the poor service following a flight delay. The flight delay lasted for nearly 24 hours and left the party in complete distress for which they demanded a due compensation.

The 24-hour flight delay

According to the family members, they had booked themselves onto a flight that was supposed to depart the Zante Airport at 9:15 pm (Greek Time) and land at Newcastle on 6th September, Tuesday. However, the flight failed to take off till 6pm the next day owing to extreme weather conditions.The travel agency, named Thomson, took its stand saying that the unfortunate event was due to reasons that weren’t in its control. The agency was accused of having given “very limited information” to the travellers when they arrived at the airport. They branded the service levels of the agency as ‘disgusting’. Thomson on the other hand continued to maintain the company had simply followed industry regulations.

According to a spokeswoman from Thomson, since the flight delay wasn’t their personal fault, but rather a weather-related problem beyond their control, they could not accept flight delay compensation claims made by passengers. The claims fail to meet the guidelines laid down by the EU regulations for airlines. Further she added that they made a decent effort to look for appropriate alternative accommodation for the family and other travellers and also provided food and drink vouchers as they stood held up at the airport. In other words, they did follow all the regulations applicable to the industry.

Poor service angers family members

It appears that the family had to wait for over 3 hours in order to check-in and finish with passport control. The departure zone was an area where complete chaos prevailed. There were thousands of passengers lying on the staircases and floor.

The family involved in the incidence includes Jon Leighton, his wife, Emma Leighton and Darci, their daughter of six years.

The family also had enough to complain about the temporary accommodation made available at the Laganas village. The representative from Thomson did not have any arrangements for getting the family back and they were left stranded in the Kalamaki resort.

The family reports that the seats in the coach were soaking wet which caused a lot of distress to the six-year old daughter. When they finally managed to get to the resort, the staff initially denied entry to them. This was at 6:10 in the morning.

The group apparently did not receive any update until they contacted the company representative on its own on 7th September. In addition to this, the distressed family also denies having received any food and drink vouchers from Thomson as was claimed by the company. It demanded reimbursement for the additional money which they had to shell out from their own pockets after the flight delay. The family also reported that multiple Thomson flights had flown off and landed in the duration of the delay.

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