Fans Eager to Watch the Champions League Left Heartbroken Due to Delay

Posted on July, 4 2018 by Blueway Limited

A group of serious Liverpool fans had to deal with disappointment last week after their planned trip to the Champions League went down the drain, thanks to travel chaos. To make things worse, the group ended up missing out on the match completely.

The group, consisting of an Arwel William from Bethel, Gwynedd, and his pals Garry Adlam and Adam Thomas from South Wales were left stranded in Germany while on their way to Kiev to watch Liverpool go against Real Madrid.

Thanks to a number of catastrophes, the group were left stranded thousands of miles away from their destination. Eventually, they were forced to go home. But, the cruelty did not end there. Their return flights to the UK were scheduled in such a way that the trio ended up missing the match altogether.

The three of them had spent £1,000 each on match tickets, accommodation, and flight tickets.


The ultimate letdown

Arwel, 34, told the media that he experienced a sense of emptiness after spending 48 hours across multiple European airports trying to get to Kiev. He called it one of the worst experiences of his life. The Liverpool fan also mentioned that he was “heartbroken”.

Arwel Williams (Image: Arwel Williams)

Arwel Williams (Image: Arwel Williams)

Arwel has attended various Liverpool matches across the continent since 1994. He regularly attends matches every season; around 20 of them on average. This includes even the major European fixtures.

This season, he was present at some of the best games, such as the Reds against Manchester City and Roma, which, to everyone’s disbelief, made it to the finals. The football fanatic was extremely excited about going to see Liverpool in the Champions League finals.

He told the media about how he and his friend had everything sorted out, such as money, flights, and buses etc.

However, as they say, “even the best-laid plans fail”. That’s what happened with Arwel and his friends. Fate simply had other plans. The trio got delayed in Bristol, after which, things just seemed to go from bad to worse. They had planned to move from Bristol to Frankfurt before boarding a flight to Poland and then, catching a bus to Kiev.

But, their Lufthansa flight from Bristol to Frankfurt got delayed, forcing them to miss their connecting flight to Poland.

The three were told that there were no other flights to Frankfurt. Instead, they were asked to fly to Hamburg and catch a flight to Warsaw, Poland from there. But, that flight too was canceled due to a technical issue. That’s when Arwel knew that their chances of making it to the game would be impossible.


Disappointment all over again

The group then made plans to get back home and were given the only option of flying via Brussels. However, another delay from Hamburg to Brussels forced them to miss their flight to Bristol. Eventually, the group was forced to fly to London and take a cab from there to Bristol. From Bristol, Arwel had to travel another 4 hours by road to South Wales.

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