Find Out Which Airports Were Named The Best And Which Are The Worst!

Posted on January, 11 2016 by Blueway Limited

Flight delays can be one of the most painful and annoying things that a person can face. Well, according to recent flight news, you can at least stay prepared. A recently conducted survey has pointed out the best and worst airlines on the basis of cancellations and delays. This little list might, hopefully, help you make better flight plans in the future.

According to the report, British Airways and Easy Jet were identified as the airlines having the maximum number of delays in the continent. The report was prepared by analysing the on-time performance of several airline carriers.


Flight Delay CompensationFor the study, almost 40 carriers were studied. This included large carriers, as well as small regional carriers. The study showed that Easy Jet experienced the highest number of delays among the entire list. The number was estimated to be around 7000 delays in the months of October and September alone, last year.

However, one point to note here is that regional carriers fared better because they operate a relatively lower number of flights, which is why they show lesser cancellations and delays.

After EasyJet, British Airways came in second with 4200 delays. Third place was occupied by Lufthansa with 4013 delays, while Turkish Airlines took 4th place with 3449 delays. Not surprisingly, EasyJet and British Airways denied the information and stated that the report was inaccurate.

Fifth place was taken by Air France with 3350 delays, while Flybe, an Exeter based carrier, took 9th position with 1,762 delays.

Ryan Air, which happens to be the largest budget carrier in Europe, was strangely not included in the study.

Speaking of cancellations, the race was led by Lufthansa with 4380 cancellations. For the same period. However, a majority of these cancellations were attributed to the recent pension and retirement benefit related strikes organised by the carrier’s workers.

Other top contenders included Turkish Airlines with 351 cancellations, British Airways with 321 cancellations, Lufthansa City line with 193 cancellations, and Flybe with 321 cancellations.

Once again EasyJet and British Airways refused to accept the figures and stated that their respective cancellation figures were much lower. EasyJet claimed its cancellation numbers were as low as 71 in October, while British Airways claimed its cancellation figures were just 60 for the same month.

According to an EasyJet spokesperson, 82 percent of their flights had followed schedule and the figures provided in the report were wrongly represented. As an operator of 41,000 flights, the carrier claimed that the number of delays and cancellations would obviously be higher than the average sized airline operator.

A similar statement came from British Airways. In fact, the carrier even stated that air traffic control restrictions were to be blamed for their name popping up frequently in flight delay news.


As for airports, London’s Heathrow experienced the maximum delays at 4072 with heavy fog being blamed as the number one cause, followed by flight issues. Frankfurt Airport was not too far away with 1815 delays.

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