Flight Delays Cause Lapland Fury

Posted on January, 13 2016 by Blueway Limited

Heathrow AirportSeveral flight passengers in Lapland were left fuming recently, thanks to some chaotic Christmas travel problems. It is believed that over 300 passengers, who were supposed to fly back from the region, were forced to cancel their plans owing to technical problems in the aircraft.

The same fate was experienced by their British counterparts, who were forced to deal with extended delays on the roads, as well as the railways. This was caused as a result of a problem in the Channel Tunnel. Several families experienced a bad start to their Continental holiday as a damaged rail caused tailbacks, resulting in an eight-hour weight. Travellers had to be patient for an extensive time before crossing over to France.

On the Lapland side of things, travellers had to wait two whole days before the airline could charter extra aircrafts in order to bring them back from the Kittila airport. The passengers reached UK only on the 20th of December 2015. Unfortunately, this did not go down very well for most passengers as many of them were forced to reschedule or even, cancel previous engagements.

Passenger woes

One of the passengers, an oncology nurse named Tracy Thomas, had to take up the horrible task of cancelling her entire patient list. She also went on to state that her trip, which was supposed to be a dream holiday, had turned into a complete nightmare. The nurse, aged 45, and her 51 year old husband, Jonathan, a GP by profession had spent £5000 on the trip which was meant to be a birthday gift for their daughter Elizabeth, who turned 9 on the 25th.

However, as soon as they heard the dreaded words “flight delayed”, they knew things were not going to go as planned. A holiday that was supposed to be fun and exciting turned into a nightmare.

The flight operator Cosmos, operated by parent company Monarch, blamed technical difficulties as the reason behind the delay and apologised to the passengers for the problems caused.

How the company plans to handle flight delay compensation or flight delay claims is yet to be known.

Things got better

The situation at the Channel Tunnel changed for the better on the 20th of December. Nevertheless, problems travellers faced were not removed completely as disruptions continued until Christmas day. The Association of British Travel Agents even sent out a warning to people about possible risks and delays.

The next day saw airports extremely busy and the delays continuing for rail travellers due to a host of engineering projects being executed.

Railway lines from Heathrow and Gatwick, certain sections of the West Coast Main Line, parts of the Great Western Line, and routes in Essex and North Lincolnshire were shut for the entire holiday period.

Road travellers faced the same problem as well thanks to road works in sections such as the M1/M6 junction close to Rugby and M60 and M62 near Greater Manchester.

Though most of the road works were lifted for the holidays, some still continued due to safety reasons.

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