Have You Experienced A Flight Delay Of More Than 3 Hours In The Last 6 Years?

Posted on February, 11 2014 by Blueway Limited

Have you ever experienced a flight delay? Or wondered what to do in case your flight is delayed? If such a situation arises, it is necessary to ask the relevant airline to providea full reason for the flight delays. The airline should supply information on whether the flight has been delayed due to any “extraordinary circumstances”. Even if this is the case then it is still possible for passengers to claim some kind of compensation back from the airline.

Extraordinary circumstances is usually considered a situation that is beyond the control of the airline. This may include a security risk, severe weather condition or political instability that can cause danger whilst flying. European flight delay compensation can now be claimed for technical and mechanical problems as this should be picked up when routine maintenance is carried out.

The main challenge that a passenger can face if they are claiming compensation for a flight delay, is if the reason for the delay was caused by extraordinary circumstances. Airlines may stretch the definition of “extraordinary circumstances” for their own benefit. Flight delays can take place due to various situations, so passengers have an advantage over airlines as they will be able to recite evidence of the reason for the delay, which in turn will aid their claim for compensation further.

EU flight delay compensation charged:

Flight Distance                           Time for late arrival                          Entitlement

Up to1, 500 km or 932 miles       Flight delay of more than 3 hours       €250

1,500 km to 3,500 km                   More than 3 hours                                  €400

More than 3,500 km                      In between 3-4 hours                             €300

More than 3,500 km                      More than 4 hours                                  €600

If the airline quote an extraordinary situation, it is still possible for passengers to get Flight Delay Refunds. Airlines will not be liable for paying any kind of additional cash compensation that is not outlined by EU regulations if they are not responsible for disruption for the EU delayed flight.

If your flight is cancelled due to a fault of the airline, then it is possible that the passenger is entitled to a full refund and EU flight delay compensation.

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