How Much Can You Claim If You Have Suffered A Flight Delay?

Posted on February, 19 2014 by Blueway Limited

flight delay CompensationWell, this is a much researched question for there are many like you who have suffered due to inconveniences caused by flight delays. But now you have an option to claim flight compensation if this ever happened to you. Flight delays can be affected by all sorts of problems like weather problems, environmental problems etc. But, that does not mean that an Airline company can violate the terms and conditions of punctual service in the contract, whilst using a mountain of excuses.

For this purpose you will need to contact an intermediate company which handles cases of EU flight compensation for delays. This company will have flight details and detailed reports of weather forecasts so that it can make outwhether your claim is an eligible case or not. It is depending on this factor that the company will frame a full-fledged case on your behalf against the airline business house.

Now, let’s come down to what details are required from you to submit your case. You would be provided with a simple registration form asking for the name of the main passenger under whose name the case is to be filed, postal address, e-mail address, any contact number, date of journey, arrival and departure airport/destination and number of hours and minutes by which the concerned flight got delayed. This is mandatory for a case development.

Depending on the length of your journey and the delay in actual timing of arrival, this compensatory amount will oscillate between 250 Euros to 600 Euros. Delays caused by EU flight problems can be claimed according to the following:

  • If the length of your journey is up to 1500 km, for instance from London to Paris, and delay exceeds three hours, then claimable amount is 250 Euros.
  • If the length of your journey is between 1500km to 3500km, for instance from London to Istanbul, and delay exceeds three hours, then claimable amount is 400 Euros.
  • If the length of your journey exceeds 3500 km, for instance from London to New York, and delay is between three to four hours or if delay exceeds four hours, then claimable amounts are 300 Euros and 600 Euros respectively.

What are you waiting for? Claim flight delays right now! The only payment that is to be paid is 20% + VAT as Blueway Limited works strictly on a no win/no fee basis. The 20% + VAT will be deducted from the compensation amount won when a claim is successful.

You won’t have to pay anything if your legal representative is not able to win you any compensation, not even the hourly fees that one is supposed to pay their legal representative. There are no hidden terms and conditions and no hidden fees.Regulation EU 261 validates that passengers may claim European flight delay Compensation within the past 6 years.So if you have faced a flight delay in the recent past, hurry up!

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