How Much Can You Expect From Your Compensation Claim?

Posted on May, 12 2015 by Blueway Limited

You can claim a maximum amount of €600 when it comes to flight delay refunds. The exact amount you receive is dependent on factors like the distance covered and the length of delay. Ticket price is irrelevant in this regard.

According to Regulation EC number 261/2004, you can claim flight delay refunds if the following conditions are met.

  • The concerned flight should be included under the European Regulation. The Regulation is also applicable if your arrival airport is within the EU borders and your airline is an European carrier.
  • Your flight delay refunds depend on both the flight distance and delay caused (the minimum delay being three hours). You can be entitled to receive €250, €400 or €600 as flight delay compensation.
  • Before you claim flight delay refunds, verify if the delay was caused due to any incident which was beyond the airline’s control, like strikes.
  • Check the departing airport’s weather conditions. You should also be aware of the destination airport’s weather conditions before you claim flight delay refunds. You should also look for unexpected changes in the weather along the flight’s route.

Amount of flight delay compensation

  • You can expect €250 for flights covering a maximum distance of 1,500 kilometres
  • Expect €400 for any flight within the EU exceeding 1,500 kilometres
  • You may get €400
  • For any delays in flights both within and outside the EU covering 1,500 to 3,500 kilometres
  • For other flights, you may be entitled to receive a flight delay compensation of €600.

Presence of alternative flights

In case the concerned airline has offered you alternative flights to the final destination, the carrier is permitted to reduce compensation amounts mentioned beforehand by 50 percent. However, to do this, the flights must meet the following criteria.

  • The concerned flight was delayed by over two hours for a distance of 1,500 kilometres
  • The delay lasted more than three hours for any flight within the EU or any other flight which had a route distance covering 1,500 kilometres to 3,500 kilometres.
  • The concerned flight was flying into the EU and was delayed by over four hours while covering 3,500 kilometres or more.

All calculations accepted by the Regulation are based on the time of your arrival and not when your flight takes off. So if you were a passenger on a flight which departed four hours later than the scheduled time, but landed at the tarmac of the arrival airport only two hours late, you will be ineligible for any kind of compensation. The delay must exceed a minimum of three hours to be eligible for a compensation.

Do keep in mind that the amount is given only to compensate for the delay. The due amount therefore is fixed and depends on the distance covered and the delay.

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