How To Claim For Flight Delay Refunds?

Posted on March, 24 2014 by Blueway Limited

Flight Delay Refunds is a new phenomenon that battles against airline companies that have succeeded in getting away without paying Flight Delay Compensation for years. Meaning that billions of the public’s money is left unclaimed, as most people are unaware of simply how easy it is to claim the money back.

It would be a grueling process to try and challenge the airline company alone; you would need to know about the European court order and EC regulations if you were to stand a fighting chance in court. Which is why you need the specialised assistance of companies like Blueway Limited who will do all of the hard work for you to help Claim Refund Cancelled Flight

If you are in the UK, or anywhere in the European Union you can claim a Refund on Flights that have been delayed or cancelled. Not only that, but you can claim Flight Delay Compensation for any delay that has taken place in the last 6 years. The ruling that outlines these rights for Flight Delay Refunds is the European Regulation (EC) 261/2004 that applies to all flights within the EU/EEA and run by any EU/EEA or Swiss airline. For example, any direct flight from the UK will be covered along with any flight into the UK as long as it is run by a European airline. Airlines will still be able to deny payouts and some claims will not be valid in situations where the delay was beyond the airline’s control or when ‘extraordinary circumstances’ occur. The volcanic ash cloud in 2011 sometimes falls into this bracket, even though it still cost airlines £600m in lost business and refunds alone. Airlines are obliged under regulation (EC) 261/2004 to offer you meals, refreshments and hotel accommodation whilst you wait for a rearranged or cancelled flight.

Companies like Blueway Limited will be able to advise you on the validity of your claim based on their collection of historical flight data and weather statistics. This information along with following the correct legal steps and the help of skilled aviation and IT specialists will enable Blueway Limited to begin the claim process on your behalf. Each step is confidential and managed with expertise. All you simply need to do to Claim Refund is to log into the Blueway Limited website, fill in some of the 14 simple required fields (such as flight number, if you have it, date of journey etc.) and agree to the terms and conditions which will give Blueway Limited the permission to continue their procedure to claiming Flight Delay Refunds on your behalf.

If the airline company denies any Flight Delay Compensation then our expert solicitors will take the matter to the court and don’t worry, you will not need to be present and there will be no extra costs.

Blueway Limited is based on a “no win, no fee” basis i.e. they will not charge any fees until you get your money back. After depositing the money in your account, they will charge a fee of 20% (plus VAT). Considering the hassle free service, saving you a lot of time and money it is a very fair rate. So, to claim Flight Delay Compensation visit their website and get your money back!

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