I Want To Make A Compensation Claim For A Flight Delay

Posted on April, 21 2014 by Blueway Limited

flight delayIf you have experienced a Flight Delay, cancellation, re-route or if you have been denied boarding due to overbooking then you could be eligible to Claim Flight Compensation for up to 600 euros per person! The flight compensation process is not difficult, especially if you seek the assistance of companies such as Blueway Limited who are experts in the field. Their sole purpose is to help you claim back the compensation that you deserve as it is common knowledge that airlines are extremely reluctant to reimburse passengers willingly. Therefore it is wise to seek the assistance of professional services in order to give you the best chance of success. Blueway work with a team of legal professionals, aviation and IT specialists who are all dedicated to recover compensation.

To begin the Blueway Flight Compensation process, simply enter some very basic information about the Flight Delay (such as your flight number, an approximate date of travel, the airports that you were travelling between and the names of the passengers that you were travelling with) on the homepage of their website (Flight Delay Refunds). If you are unsure on any of the fields then try to fill out as much as you can remember. After submitting the flight information to Blueway, they will then use their sophisticated flight data systems, along with historical weather statistics to check the validity of your claim. Some claims are rejected at this stage as an extraordinary circumstance may have occurred (outside the airline’s control) meaning that the airline under European law would not have to pay out any compensation.

cheap flight delay compensationIf your claim does meet all of the required criteria necessary then Blueway will manage the claim on your behalf. They will communicate with the airline sending all of the relevant documents to them so that they can assess the claim themselves.If the airline does not respond within one calendar month then Blueway will arrange a court date, they will also complete all of the documentation required and will organise a legal team of professionals to help fight your case. Blueway will manage your claim from start to finish meaning that you can continue with your normal routine awaiting your bank account to be credited.

Blueway work on a strictly ‘no win no fee’ basis. In other words it is Faster Flight Delay Compensation with no hidden costs. Blueway will only take a small commission once the payment has been received from the airline. The commission is a set rate of 20% (+ VAT) of the total compensation that you receive. Considering the hassle free service, saving you from a long and tedious process it is a very fair rate. If all fails and the claim is rejected in court then you will not be faced with any hourly legal costs, Blueway will cover the hourly solicitor fees and so you really have nothing to lose.

Don’t delay, contact Blueway today!

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