Jet2holidays introduces new Innovative Hotel Check In Service

Posted on December, 20 2016 by Blueway Limited

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In May 2016, holiday specialist Jet2holidays launched a brand new innovative hotel check in service called the Resort Flight Check In. This service allows customers to enjoy a problem-free end to their relaxing holidays.

The free service was initially put on trial in a few select hotels in Benidorm. It proved to be a massive success, resulting in Jet2holidays officially rolling out the service to other top resorts. Currently, it is available in 20 hotels in Benidorm and more than 40 hotels across Tenerife and Majorca.

What is the Resort Flight Check In service?

The Resort Flight Check In service is absolutely free and unique to Jet2holidays. The process is surprisingly simple. The friendly representatives of Jet2holidays will meet customers at their hotel on the date of their return flights. They will then check their baggage in right there without having to take them to the airport. Jet2holidays’ special ground operations teams will then safely transport the customers’ baggage to their waiting aircraft after fulfilling all standard security checks. This process allows customers to enjoy the last day of their holiday and make the most of it without having to worry about looking after their bags.

Why is the Resort Flight Check In service special?

Steve Heapy, the CEO of Jet2holidays and, answers that question for us. He says that the Resort Flight Check In service is exclusively offered by Jet2holidays, the first and only operator, across Europe. Heapy stated that Jet2holidays is always on the lookout for newer and more innovative ways to improve their excellent award-winning services. This is when they hatched upon this idea. He claims that people who have tried their Resort Flight Check In service have loved it and states that he is looking forward to more customers enrolling the service later during the year.

Jet2holidays introduced the Resort Flight Check In service with the intention to make customers flights back home hassle-free. The service allows them to check in their baggage at the hotel during the last day of their holiday, helping them prevent wasting a lot of time at the airport.

Adrian Vargerson, a senior copywriter with, experienced the Resort Flight Check In process in person. He stated that the service team in Majorca starts their work early in the day. He mentioned that the resort in Majorca had 70 Resort Flight Check In operatives working, but the number was expected to go up to accommodate more customers and offer excellent service during the busy summer months. One operative checks boarding cards while the other handles security questions and prints bag tags.

The process allows customers to enjoy the last day of their holiday without stressing about their baggage. They can also arrive at the airport stress-free without having to carry their heavy luggage. They can sail through security and board their respective planes. Jet2holidays ensures that they are reunited with their baggage after they reach their destination. They can collect their bags from the Baggage Reclaim Area at the destination airport.

Customers who have tried the Resort Flight Delay Check In service find it hard to believe it is free. They have all expressed complete satisfaction with the service and promise to continue using it.

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