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Need to claim flight compensation?

Claiming for a delayed flight can often win you up to 600 Euros per passenger.

The things to remember are:

  • the flight must have a delay of at least 3 hours or have been cancelled
  • the flight must be flying from an EU airport or flying into an EU airport (with an EU airline).
  • The claim will only apply to delayed or cancelled flights in the last 6 years
  • You can also claim for missed connections and denied boardings

We work strictly on a no win no fee basis and only take our commission (25% + VAT & £25pp) from the amount we win.  We will take care of all solicitor’s costs and if the need arises, take the matter to court at no risk to the passenger.

www.flightdelayrefunds.com is an initiative of Blueway Limited, a UK incorporated company that was originally set up by 2 entrepreneurs who have over 15 years experience working together in the Logistics and Transport industry throughout Europe. Our sole purpose is to assist European passengers in claiming back compensation from airlines that you are entitled to for delays or cancellations to your past flights.