New Research Suggests That Airlines Should Work on Customer Complaints Resolution

Posted on January, 19 2017 by Blueway Limited

Corbis-42-15430449-300x300According to the latest research published by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority), around 89% of air travellers report being satisfied with the service provided on flights. However, as far as dealing with issues like flight delays were concerned, only 29% reported satisfaction. In the case of flight delays that lasted for more than 2 hours, the number of travellers satisfied rose to 31%. As for issues involving stolen, damaged or lost baggage, only 32% of air travellers reported satisfaction with the help they received. In the case of disruptions involving crowding and queues, a mere 18% reported satisfaction with the way things are usually handled.

But complaints resolution appeared to be the biggest problem area. Around 33% of air travellers reported that they were unsatisfied with the way complaints were managed. Of the surveyed flyers registering complaints, 37% had stated that they were not satisfied with the way they were kept updated regarding the status of their complaint. Another 35% stated that they were not happy with the level of courteousness or helpfulness shown by those involved in complaint resolution. 34% of travellers reported dissatisfaction over the redress they received in response to their complaints, while 31% reported dissatisfaction due to what they felt was unfair treatment.

CAA Responds

According to Tim Johnson, Policy Director at the CAA, the consumer survey is designed to keep the CAA informed with regard to their efforts in offering consumer protection to air travellers in the UK. The CAA, with this information, aims to make sure that customers are informed of their rights, receive their money’s worth when travelling, and that they are treated with fairness. Johnson, referring to the survey, added that there were signs indicating that the industry was handling some issues well; issues involving matters of passenger treatment and disruption. However, he pointed out that complaints resolution is the area that seemed to require most attention.

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