New Survey Finds One in Four Flights are Late Among These Carriers

Posted on June, 27 2017 by Blueway Limited

According to a new report by Which? Magazine, one out of every three Easy Jet flights is delayed by a minimum of 15 minutes. The study looked at figures provided by the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) and determined that around 66% of Easy Jet arrivals were able to meet the industry’s regulations with regard to “on-time arrivals”. Easy Jet happens to be the largest budget operator in the UK. Researchers collected data for around 850,000 flights from 35 airlines across 25 airports in the UK. Among the 35 airlines, 8 were UK-based operators. After carefully analysing the data, the researchers found that only 74% of flights were on time while one out of flights was late.

British Airways (BA) met the industry average limit while Thomson, Monarch, Thomas Cook, and Jet2 fell below the industry average. Thomson had 68% on-time arrivals while Monarch, Thomas Cook, and Jet2 had 72%, 72%, and 71% on-time arrivals, respectively. There were only two UK-based carriers that managed to perform better than the industry average, namely, Flybe and Virgin Atlantic with 82% and 79% on-time arrivals, respectively. However, Flybe operates primarily from and to regional airports within the UK, which are known to enjoy lesser congestion when compared to major airports such as Gatwick or Heathrow. However, Virgin Atlantic primarily operates from these two major airports, which suggests that the carrier is doing an exceptional job.

According to Which? Magazine Editor, Richard Headland, flight delays were seen as one of the most frustrating things associated with travel and the study throws light on just how much of a problem flight delays really are in the UK. An Easy Jet spokesperson spoke to the media stating that the operator flew the maximum number of flights each year when compared to every other UK-based operator, implying that the delays were out of its control. The spokesperson also revealed figures from an Easy Jet study, which claimed that the operator’s on-time performance was at 76% in 2016 and 80% in 2017. The spokesperson went on to add that Easy Jet focused on punctuality, knowing its importance among its flyers. As for best performers in the overall list, Dutch operator KLM enjoyed 88% on-time arrivals. KLM was followed by Qatar Airways and Iberia with 86% and 84% on-time arrivals,, respectively.

The worst performers in the overall list were Norwegian, Iceland Air, and Air Transat with just 60%, 56%, and 55% on-time arrivals, respectively. Air-Transat, which is an operator from Canada, issued a statement that the report failed to factor in the delays caused due to uncontrollable circumstances. The airline went on to add that its own reports indicated 78% on-time arrivals. RyanAir, Europe’s largest budget operator, enjoyed 77% on-time arrivals, which is slightly above the industry average. However, BA’s short-haul on-time arrivals were far more punctual than that of RyanAir’s. This was despite the fact BA operated within some of the most congested airports.

Among Global operators, American operator Delta Airlines enjoyed the best numbers with 81% on-time arrivals. United Airlines followed closely with 75% on-time arrivals while Emirates performed poorly with just 67% on-time arrivals. In conclusion, the report indicated that one out of 3 flights is delayed by 15 minutes or more.

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