Online Poll Reveals The Best and Worst Airlines when it Comes to Compensation

Posted on October, 17 2014 by Blueway Limited

Passengers who try to claim flight delay compensation either receive compensation without much difficulty or find themselves in a never-ending battle against the airlines. Only a small percentage of claims are settled without requiring court action, therefore passengers who receive compensation easily are deemed as incredibly lucky. In order to increase your chances of success, the best thing to do is contact a flight delay refunds company such as Blueway Limited who will be able to apply their expert knowledge and experience to assist you along the claims process. Blueway Limited deals with compensation claims on a daily basis and has won compensation on behalf of passengers across Europe, China and America. It doesn’t matter what nationality you are, as long as your flight delay meets the required criteria outlined in EC Regulation 261/2004 Blueway can help fight your case.

In order to provide passengers with a rough idea on who they may be up against, Martin Lewis, the Founder & Editor of Money conducted an online poll to define the Airline-by-airline chances of success. The poll was open to the general public to complete and so all of the data was collected from passengers who had made a compensation claim since the tightening of EC Regulation 261/2004 in October 2012. The purpose of the poll was to reveal which of the airlines paid up straight away (without the need for court action or further appeal) and which of the airlines were more stubborn towards paying compensation. A total of 60 airlines were included in the poll, both European and non-European airlines.

Passengers could select one out of five options to describe the status of their compensation claim:

  1. I won – the airline just paid up
  2. I won – but I had to fight (e.g. appeal to the CAA/other body)
  3. I lost – but I didn’t appeal to the CAA/other body
  4. I lost – after appeal to the CAA/other body
  5. It’s still ongoing

However, the results for the majority of airlines were mainly distributed between option 1 and option 5. If a claim is ‘still ongoing’ it generally means that the airline has ignored the claim in the hope that passengers give up interest. Or it could mean that the claim is still pending and is due to be heard in court. British Airways is considered as one of the best airlines for paying flight delay compensation and the online poll provides evidence for this, as it showed that British Airways settled 40% of claims straight away (without requiring court action or an appeal to the CAA). on the other hand only paid compensation to 1% of claims, with 67% of claims still ongoing. Thomson Airways paid compensation to 3% If a claims, with 65% still ongoing, Ryanair paid compensation to 4% of claims, with 60% still ongoing and Wizz Air paid compensation to 6% of claims, with 62% still ongoing.

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